Leilani Chunky heel boots | Black
Leilani Chunky heel boots | Black
Leilani Chunky heel boots | Black
Leilani Chunky heel boots | Black

Leilani - Closed Toe Lace Up Over The Knee Dance Boots (Street Sole)


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Color Black
US Size W 13 HEEL Heights & SOLE Alternatives
Color Black
Heel 4"

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Experience the allure of Leilani, the ultimate chunky knee high heel boot that effortlessly marries style with comfort. Crafted from lightweight, stretch lycra vegan material, these knee-high boots hug your curves like a second skin, ensuring a snug fit that's perfect for the dance floor or everyday wear. The lace-up design allows you to customize the fit to your preference, making them an excellent choice for both thin and thick calves and thighs.

- Made from lightweight, stretch lycra vegan material for optimal comfort and flexibility
- Soft non-slip inner lining ensures your feet stay firmly in place
- Stiletto heels provide added height and elegance
- Lace-up design offers a second skin-like fit for maximum support
- Ankle strap enhances stability and support during movement
- Knee strap prevents the boots from sliding down, maintaining their position
- Easy on and off with a zipper located on the inner calf
- Ultra-comfort padded inner sole ensures extended wear without discomfort
- Smooth PU outer sole for versatile everyday use

Whether you're hitting the dance floor or strutting down the street, Leilani's street sole design makes them the perfect choice for pole dancing or any other activity that demands style and functionality. Experience the confidence and comfort of closed toe shoes with Leilani, your ultimate dance heels for every occasion.

      Some items in our catalog; more specifically the line Burju Shoes, offer customizable HEEL options as well as SUEDE or STREET Sole at no additional cost.

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