HEEL Heights & SOLE Alternatives

Some items in our catalog; more specifically the Burju Shoes brand, offer customizable HEEL Height and SOLE; such as Suede, Street or Rubber Sole according to use, preference and needs.

Below are a list of the Heels available:



  • For dry, indoor dancing only. 
  • Lightest and most flexible option
  • Feel and connect with the floor
  • Works best on wood or smooth surfaces, dance floors only
  • Can not be worn outside or will get damaged
  • Needs to be maintained after every use by using a shoe brush to remove the dirt and debris and restore any flattened nap to the suede
  • Typically used by Latin and Ballroom dancers and competitors although works great for any style

***Black shoes are made with black suede sole.

***Available in Black and Tan.




1. Smooth Street Soles

  • Light weight and good flexibility
  • Smooth surface for spins and slides
  • Can be used on any dance floor and can also be worn outside
  • Does not require maintenance
  • For less slip scuffing the bottoms a bit helps
  • Typically used by heels dancers as it is similar to regular fashion heels
  • Latin dancers enjoy this sole for social dancing in clubs and other venues as they can wear outside and not have to change or worry about damaging their suede bottom shoes


***Some black shoes are made with tan smooth street sole, we don't have black smooth sole at the moment. 

***Available in Tan only.

2. Rubber Street Sole

  • Light weight and good flexibility
  • Rubber grips to surface to provide optimal traction
  • Can be used on any surface but may have too much traction on some when spinning causing strain on knees and joints
  • Does not require maintenance
  • Typically used by performers on stage and tours that want to make sure they don’t slip
  • This is the sole used on the Jlo and Ariana Grande Tours to make sure dancers feel secure



***Black shoes are made with black rubber sole.

***Available in Black and Tan.