Bree- dance heels slouch boots
Bree- dance heels slouch boots
Bree- dance heels slouch boots
Bree- dance heels slouch boots

Bree - Closed Pointed Toe Ruched Mid Slouch Boots (Street Sole)

Black Sequin

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Color Black Sequin
US Size W 7.5 HEEL Heights & SOLE Alternatives
Color Black
Heel 4"

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Experience the epitome of dance elegance with Bree – Closed Pointed Toe Ruched Mid Slouch Boots. These boots redefine the slouch trend, offering both style and functionality. Designed for the modern woman who seeks versatility in her wardrobe, Bree effortlessly transitions from casual outings to dance floors. Crafted with precision, it's not just a fashion statement; it's a reliable dance shoe, perfect for enthusiasts of dance heels.

- Dance heels enthusiasts rejoice: Bree boasts Memory Foam double thickness padding for unparalleled comfort during long hours of dancing.
- Keep your feet dry and fresh with the non-slip anti-bacterial inner lining, ideal for sweaty feet.
- Embrace ethical fashion with Bree's HIGH Quality VEGAN outer materials, ensuring style with a conscience.
- A specialized shank provides the necessary support and flexibility for seamless movements on the dance floor.
- Slip into style effortlessly with Bree's easy-to-wear design, offering both convenience and security once on.
- Bid farewell to foot pain and pressure – Bree is engineered to withstand prolonged dance sessions, ensuring comfort without compromise.
- The STREET SOLE, smooth for spins, turns, and slides, guarantees versatility across all surfaces.

Let Bree elevate your dance experience with its unmatched blend of style, comfort, and performance.

    Some items in our catalog; more specifically the line Burju Shoes, offer customizable HEEL options as well as SUEDE or STREET Sole at no additional cost.

    Below is a list of the Heels available to choose from: