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Our Showroom

Address: 1145 Normandy Dr #402, Miami Beach FL 33141

'A GEM full of magical slippers'

We are located in the 71st Street area of Miami Beach (by the Normandy Isles Fountain).  Our store is not a storefront so you won't see us from the street, but rest assured our cozy space along with felines Grace and Kelly will have you feeling welcomed and pampered with dedicated attention, unique options and many shoes.

We carry a large selection and encourage you try on many shoes in order to feel and compare different styles, heel heights and alternatives to better understand what to look for according to your particular use and needs.


Please Come Visit Us !!

Call, Text or Message us ahead to make sure we are in or to schedule an appointment at 305-632-4178.


Cheers,  Barbara


Normandy Isle Fountain pictured above